Skyhooks is a photo-mosaic of 9 images, printed on aluminum. It began as a series of superimposed photographs that were taken during open studios at a large artist’s cooperative warehouse called “Workspace” in San Francisco. I was struck by the beautiful beams of light bouncing in every direction in the vaulted ceiling. Just looking up made me feel ethereal and full of endless possibility.


Romantic Industrial

This is a large series of photographs taken at industrial buildings around the Bay Area. There are several projects in the series, divided by building or location, and images are available in photo-mosaics, triptychs and individually.

Seed Factory

Seed Silos


Cheshire is a photo-mosaic of Rumi, a mostly hairless cat with very pointy ears. Each of the 9 images is printed separately on 12”x12” aluminum, and they are available individually, in trios and as the entire mosaic of 9. I have several animal-related photo projects, and more of them may show up here soon!